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I offer wide range of services with Traditional Archery in Malta.

If you are looking for some nice activities in Malta for yourself or for your group of friends, you might find Archery with Falcon Archery Malta is a good choice.

It is always fun, and with the popular movies like Arrow, Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings, Archery became more popular. It is a perfect activity for young and old alike. For individuals and groups, for students and corporate people as well. As being one of the oldest activities of humankind, we all love archery! You can learn Traditional, Field and Instinctive Archery with us.

During the sessions I also give the historical, traditional background for archery, so you will not only have the chance to try, but you will get the knowledge on why and how archery was developed in different cultures.

If you wonder where to learn archery in Malta, Falcon Archery Malta is one of your best options.

For more details on the services and prices offered, please check out the details under sub-menu items in the menu above.

Besides regular hours, sessions are provided on request too, please give me a call or send me a message!

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We want to inform you that we are moving premises, so the bookings temporarily suspended. We cannot give you an exact timeline when we will open at the new location yet, please check back regularly, we will keep you posted!
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