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Regular shooting

The regular shooting sessions are held at our Archery range at the University Malta (https://www.archerymalta.com/contact). The session includes coaching and we provide all equipment. We accommodate everyone to his/her level, so all level welcome!

The sessions are on
Tuesday 18:00-19:30
Thursday 18:00-19:30
Saturday 11:30-13:00 NEW available from April 2018
Sunday 11:30-13:00

€12/person/90 minutes session.
4-session card is €40.

During classes you will learn the basic technique for safe shooting. In the first half of the class we shoot standing at standing targets. In the second half of the classes you will be able to immerse yourself in more of the traditional archery training, using instinctive shooting and facing more challenging exercises while shooting: balancing, shooting while moving, following commands, working together with your fellow archers – all in a fun way!